Coronavirus & Life

Okay, it’s a buzzword right now and makes for an appealing headline. But what is this season (life during the Coronavirus) teaching you? Not just about your practical life, but about your soul. Where do you find satisfaction? What are the crutches of your heart? What are your true pleasures, true passions? Who do you want to surround yourself with? Are you more focused on this present time, or do you have eternity in mind?

Let the Coronavirus be a mirror. To show you your true self, show you your raw self, and then show you what you want to change (or keep). This is quite possibly the most valuable lens we’ve ever been given to look through.

So stare.



And when this whole thing blows over and life returns to “normal”, don’t forget what you learned.

This is the most priceless mirror you’ve ever been given.

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