Life After A Pandemic

Is there such a thing?

Will we ever be back to “normal”?

How do we move on as a society?

These are questions we’re all asking. But don’t seem to have concrete answers for. Let me offer one helpful word, from the book of Isaiah:

The LORD will be the stability of your times.

Isaiah 33:6

The stability of your times.

When everything is upside down, when the boat capsizes, the waters rise, the mountains fall, the fires rage, the check bounces, the job is lost, the bills can’t be paid, the sickness won’t go away, the heartache continues, the storm never blows over – HE will be the stability of your times.


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

This means that whatever happens, He is standing firm. He is not wavering. He is in control. And we can cling to Him. He will be the stability of our times, even when all else is unstable.

Come back to Him. Cling to Him. Talk to Him. Meet with Him. And rest in the promise that He will be stable – yesterday, today, and forever – even when we are not.